About Charlotte

Her hope has always been to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, beauty in the most mundane and the humanity in everything we do.

Charlotte has a wide range of experience photographing and creating images for an extraordinary variety of corporate communications and marketing projects as well as for many philanthropic ventures.  Her photographs – whether capturing scientists at work, patients being helped or executive portraits – all find new ways to capture the excitement, drama and special nature of people living their lives.  Her hope has always been to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, beauty in the most mundane and the humanity in everything we do.


What’s more, Charlotte’s unique “kalidophotos” have captured intriguing and eye-catching perspectives of nature, molecules, bacterial cultures and scientific technologies and tools. Whether on a factory floor, in a biotech lab or a corporate boardroom, she always seeks to transmit the special nature of the moment to the viewer.


Most of Charlotte’s photography has focused on chronicling the lives of people who might otherwise remain anonymous or unknown – people helped by a new cancer drug, children who have been abused and need an advocate to stand up for them or those suffering from HIV/AIDS and many others.  She has traveled to Burma to record work by missionaries helping young women express themselves through the arts.  In Bangkok, she has photographed girls who have escaped the ravages of sexual traffickers to build a life for themselves through education.  And during many trips to sub-Saharan Africa, she has recorded the small triumphs as well as the enormous pain of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, as it has touched the lives of vulnerable women and children. In the process, she has sought to convey their stories and create greater awareness.  Through her work she has expressed the hopes, the needs and sometimes, the despair and pain of her subjects, many of whom each day seek to overcome extraordinary challenges in order to declare the possibilities of the human spirit.


The people I photograph open up their souls to me,” she has said. “So I feel an obligation to do my best to create images that will allow me to share their plight with those who can help make their lives better. At the same time, I try very hard not to intrude in the lives of my subjects but rather to give them an opportunity to share their joy as well as their sorrows with others. In my own way I hope to give them a voice and as a result, feel honored to have the chance to help make some small difference in their lives.


Brought up on a working farm near New Hope, Pennsylvania, Charlotte also appreciates our collective responsibility to preserve the natural environment.  Through her photography, she seeks to help create and heighten a common awareness and motivate people to positive action.


Charlotte’s work has appeared in special exhibits sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the World Childhood Foundation and others, including three one-woman retrospective shows in Princeton, New Jersey.  Her images also have been published in major publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Discover, Chemical and Engineering News and Geo magazine.  Her abstract science images have graced the covers of dozens of college textbooks, helping bring excitement to learning about science and discovery.


Charlotte is also the Co-Director of the Raymond Farm Center for Living Arts and Design, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the preservation and repurposing of the historic structures that make up the Raymond Farm, the former home and studio of designer-architects Nomi and Antonin Raymond.  The Raymond Farm Center also serves as an art, design, and cultural center and an artist-in-residency program serving the Bucks County community and the greater Philadelphia / New York region.  Click here to learn more.


Charlotte’s studio is in New Hope, where she still lives.  Her other interests include cooking, travel and organic gardening.